Sub Human Art Studio

Manitowoc's Best Kept Secret! 2 Years Counting!!

We here at Sub Human Art Studio are committed to providing customers with top notch Tattoo's at very affordable prices. We carry Thousands of flash sheets with many pictures and designs to choose from. If you need something custom one of our 4 artist's will surely sit down with you and help create the picture or design in your mind!

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Meet the Artists!
Past & Present!!

Ozzy Ospedale-Owner,Operator,Artist.

Specializing in:Portraits,Black Light Ink, Black Grey & Color Work, Cover Up, Re-Work, Custom, Tribal,& Fine Line. 6 years Exp.

Jr. Strasser-Past Artist.

Specializing in:Black & Grey, Tribal, & Horror n' Gore. 2 years Exp.

Kevin Kliner-Artist.(currently on vacation for the next 3 years!)

Specializing in:Fine Line, Black & Grey, Re-Work, Custom Art. 10 years Exp.

Bill Kronforst-Artist.

Specializing in:Bold n' Vivid Color, Black & Grey, Re-Work, & Custom. 4 years Exp.

Disney-Past Artist. (now at Sticky's Tattoo)

Specializing in:Tribal, Cover Ups, Re-Work, Color Work, Lettering. 10 years Exp.

Where We're At!
Sub Human Art Studio is located at 1803 Western Ave, Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Our Hours Are;

Monday-Wednesday 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Thursday-Friday 5:00 pm to 10:00pm

Saturday 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm<br>Due to prior obligations in our lifes we are only open 30 hours a week but as always....All other times available by Appointment!

A Little Bit of Info on Our Equipment!
All Needles and Tubes are Single Use! All Tubes And Needles are opened in front of the customer prior to procedure and properly disposed of after! All Needles And Tubes used within the studio are new and sterilized via ETO Gas by our Distributors. All Inks and caps are single use! We carry a complete line of Millenium and Voo Doo Colors along With select inks from Stay Glo, Star Brite, DRM, Skin Candy, & Kuro Sumi. All Items in use of procedure are disposed of including instrument coverings. All work surfaces are properly cleaned prior and post procedure to ensuring safety by eliminating cross contamination.We pride ourselves in the cleanliness of the tattoo procedures practiced within the studio!

A little history....
After begining a hobby of Tattooing out in Seattle back in 1999 I ended up back in Wisconsin to persue Tattooing. I spent the next 3 years tattooing in various places throughout Wisconsin and Seattle Not finding a studio with artsists and business ethics to my likings.

In the Spring of 2004 3 seperate tattoo shops opened in Manitowoc (my origanal home town) so i decided that a tattoo career in Manitowoc was possible. People in the area had scoped out the new shops in town and informed my that owners from all 3 shops were very interested in hooking up with me and my skills.

The first shop was opened by a piercer from upper michigan who was more focused on getting his shop moving before he brought in a second artist. The second shop was owned by a man from the Manitowoc area who had a local reputation. He was very gung ho about me and my skills but was hesitant to get me in and working. The third shop Was opened by a nice couple from Manitowoc with an artist from out of state. When i met with their now (and long since) ex "Master Artist Sticky" i was disgusted with his negative attitude and condescending remarks. The Owners were nice along with the piercer Froggy (who is sportin some fine checkers).

So after about 30 seconds of thought i chose shop 2, Glass & Ink Studio of Fine Arts. After 3 months of Tattooing the owner went to Jail. When the studio bills started coming in i found out the owner hadn't paid a bill since the day he opened including supply bills. After covering the owners ass for a period of time my finances started to dwindle. The property owner then informed me that if the shop owner couldn't cover the bills he would cancel his lease on the building. He then asked me if i had any interest in continuing the lease myself.

so 2 years have passed since, Artists have come and gone...3 tattoo shops since have come... and 2 have gone....Best of wishes Dan! But all and all...i think i am starting to lose some hair over all the shit ass rumors that the other local tattoo shops spread.

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